Is your bra affecting your health?

We’ve had a few days of occasionally lovely weather here in Edinburgh; out come the flip flops, shorts, vest tops… and let’s not forget the badly-fitting bras. Double-boob, side-boob, independently mobile boobs – you name it, we’ve all seen it! Bras, like shoes, are often the first thing we take off as soon as we cross the threshold into our own homes. Why? Because they’re so uncomfortable!

Well, listen up ladies: THAT’S BECAUSE THEY DON’T FIT PROPERLY. Some studies show that up to 80-85% of us are wearing the wrong cup size, back size, or even both! Whether you have pert Bs or curvaceous Gs, well-fitted adequate support is essential to keep us comfortable throughout the day.

So, what has this got to do with your Healthy Ambitions?

Well, boobs can be heavy. Even smaller ones can cause imbalance in the muscles at the front and back of your torso. So, why is it that so many of us buy bras that are unfit for their purpose? They should be supporting the weight of your breasts throughout the day without putting undue strain on your muscles; support is intended to come from underneath the bust, rather than the straps above.

However, contrary to popular belief, studies have shown that going bra-less does not necessarily cause damage to breast tissue or to the Cooper’s ligaments that divide the breast into compartments; if you’re more comfortable without, then don’t wear one! Pain should be your guide when deciding if support is required or not.


Any of these sound familiar? And if you try to exercise in a badly fitting bra or unsuitable bra, imagine all these problems being magnified; you can bet that you won’t be able to work as hard as you’d like if you’re hiking up your straps or tucking your boobs back in all the time!

These are the effects that a well-fitted or badly-fitted bra can have on your posture.

posturePoor posture has been linked to immune system dysfunction, digestive problems and mental health issues to name but a few. Why put all this extra stress on your body when it’s so easy to avoid? So the next time you go bra shopping, take the time to get properly fitted – it’s usually a free service too!

Go to your bra drawer right now; go on! Get rid of the ones that don’t fit – look for the signs above if you’re not sure. Could you wear it all day? Could you run for a bus in it? Be ruthless! Give them away to a charity shop and invest some money in a really great bra that will make it easier to do all the things you want to do!

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