COVID-19 Service Alterations

Following the period of COVID-19 lockdown closure we are pleased to announce that we are now back at work and able to treat you.

Call or message any time to book your appointment

We are operating in line with best practice hygiene guidelines for hands-on therapies, as laid down by The Sports Therapy Organisation and The Scottish Government.

There is now a thirty-minute window between appointments to allow for thorough sanitisation of our treatment room and common areas, and to ensure no direct contact between patients.

We utilise a UV-C and HEPA filter equipped air purifier to reduce airborne contaminants in the treatment room.

In addition to hands-on therapy we can also provide socially-distanced exercise therapy appointments as well as videoconference consultations/guided therapy.

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Patient Safety

We take our duty of care towards all our patients very seriously. In particular we have always been highly cautious where potential disease transmission is concerned. Healthy Ambitions has a long-standing strict policy of refusing access and postponing or cancelling treatment whenever it comes to our attention that you are, or could be, carrying an infection which can be passed on by skin contact or airborne transmission.

In addition to our existing policies and in view of the asymptomatic transmission risk associated with SARS-CoV-2, we have taken the opportunity provided by the recent lockdown to participate in further infection control training and certification, and have made considerable effort to minimise disease transmission risks in our treatment processes.

What to expect at your next appointment

New patients only – pre-treatment checks
  • Instead of being asked to fill in a paper questionnaire on arrival, your details and relevant medical history will be gathered securely ahead of time via our telehealth portal
  • Pre-treatment consultation via videoconference (or telephone if preferred)
  • Approximately twenty four hours prior to your initial appointment we will ask you to confirm that you have had no known contact with current COVID-positive individuals
All patients – prior to arrival
  • All linens from previous patient safely removed for laundering
  • All non-absorbent contact surfaces in treatment and common areas (e.g. washroom facilities) thoroughly disinfected
  • All therapist PPE from previous patient discarded
  • Hand sanitisation (therapist)
On arrival
  • Non-contact (forehead) temperature check
  • Hand sanitisation (patient)
  • Verbal confirmation of no known contact with current COVID-positive individuals
  • Verification of your details for contact tracing purposes
  • Socially-distanced consultation in our waiting area to confirm treatment plan, verify readiness for treatment and to discuss infection control procedures
  • Hand sanitisation (therapist)
  • Fresh linens (pillow cases, towels, couch cover, headrest cover)
  • PPE (therapist)
    • Fluid-resistant apron
    • Face visor
    • Surgical mask
  • PPE (patient)
    • Surgical mask provided if required; own mask may be used