Edinburgh Studio

Healthy Ambitions' Edinburgh studio

Our combined fitness studio and treatment room in Edinburgh is situated two minutes from Leith links, with ample on-street parking available.

Whether you are visiting for personal training or therapeutic/massage services, we are equipped with a large range of gear suitable for all ages, sizes and abilities, so all you need to bring along is yourself!

Swiss ball

Swiss balls/eggs

Large inflatable balls of varying sizes that provide support and/or an unstable base to add challenge and variety to your workout. For those with balance issues, inflatable eggs roll in one direction only for security.

Small Pilates balls x 5

Pilates balls

Smaller, soft inflatable balls of varying size that can add support, postural correction and resistance for many classic exercises.

Pilates ring

Pilates rings

Sometimes called Magic Circles, these double-grip padded rings are commonly used to add intensity to floor exercises. The resistance encourages a toning effect by targeting specific muscles. Especially useful in areas like the inner and outer thighs, upper arms, the chest and even the pelvic muscles.

Soft weights x 5

Soft weights

An alternative to traditional resistance equipment, these easy-to-hold balls place less strain on the hand and wrist muscles than dumbells due to their shape and the fact their size remains constant even as the weight increases.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands

Another resistance option, these elastic bands give varying resistance and another dimension to exercise and flexibility training. Specially made wrist and ankle straps provide options for those with grip or flexibility issues.

Balance trainers

These inflatable domes with a solid, flat underside provide an unstable base to further challenge your postural muscles. They can be used both sides up, singly, and in partner work – with or without extra resistance – they encourage your body to adapt to more challenging situations.

Foam rollers

Either fully cylindrical or D-shaped, these firm foam rollers are used for support, destabilisation and flexibility training.

Tennis ball

Tennis balls

These are used to aid fine muscle control, promote grip strength and can help in flexibility training.  Sadly our studio isn’t quite big enough for a game of tennis!

Mat and foam blocks

Blocks, pads, supports and mats

The basics of any Pilates session, these keep you comfortable by accomodating your own body shape, allowing you to focus fully on the work in hand.