The Healthy Ambitions Fat Loss Diet Plan

Do you feel tired, sluggish, bored of eating the same old things? Feel the need to kickstart your health and fitness? Fed up of emotional highs and lows? Do you feel that food is the enemy?

Detoxify your gut, boost your immune system, balance your brain.

Fresh, delicious, natural foods with all the hard work done for you by an experienced professional chef – all you have to do is prepare, enjoy, and feel the benefits.

There are so many diets which focus solely on controlling one thing – calorie intake – with little regard for the type or quality of foods you ARE allowed to eat. Your body needs high quality fuel to be at its best; not just for physical ability but for your immune system and overall health too.

The diet plan simply makes sure you get the best fuel possible in the right quantities. No gimmicks, no calorie counting, no points and no “weigh-ins”. We won’t deny you still need good old fashioned willpower but we’re always there to support and advise. After a few weeks you’ll be so full of beans you’ll wonder how you even survived before!

The Healthy Ambitions Fat Loss Diet Plan

Drop a clothes size, boost your energy levels, bust your bad eating habits and sleep more soundly than ever!
Easy to follow diet plan
Daily nutritional advice, motivational emails and support
Easy to follow recipe book devised specifically for the diet plan (included)
Optional extra nutrition and diet sessions
Involves two fitness Pilates intensive classes (included) and two cardio sessions per week (to be completed in your own time)

What about all this fantastic food then?

Simply put, the fat loss diet plan works by cutting out certain not-so-beneficial elements from your daily diet and replacing them with healthier, more nutritionally balanced alternatives.

Stuff that’s out

Starchy carbs
Highly processed food
Caffeine and alcohol

Stuff that’s in

Non-processed food
High fibre carbs
Healthy fats
High-antioxidant foods
Plenty of water

The basics

Having used the diet plan here at Healthy Ambitions HQ, it’s definitely the first couple of days that are the most difficult. It may seem daunting at first, but remember we’re here to help and, above all, the results speak for themselves!

The exclusive recipe book provided at the start of the diet plan contains lots of simple, tasty dishes suitable for meat eaters and vegetarians alike, and covers you throughout the day – including a variety of snacks for those inevitable “hunger pang” moments.

Because so much of what is on offer in supermarkets contains substances that are not allowed on the plan, you will find it much easier and more enjoyable to sort out your own meals knowing exactly what’s going on your plate. You’ll also learn how to make effective use of any leftovers, transforming them into a whole new meal or accompaniment for the next again day; in the process reducing waste and the amount of packaging you go through. One of the unexpected side-effects of the plan we noticed here at Healthy Ambitions HQ was that our recycling and rubbish bins don’t fill up even half as quickly as they did prior to starting the diet.