Nutrition Guidance and Healthy Cooking

Do you find that you’re training hard, but just not reaching your goals? You are what you eat! So if you want to get fitter and stronger, tone up or lose body fat then great nutrition is 80% of the battle.

Your body is an engine that needs the right kind of fuels to perform at its best. If you put garbage in, you’ll get garbage out! Regular exercise taxes every cell in your body: your muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, respiratory, circulatory and immune systems all have to work harder when you exercise. Eating a varied, healthy – and tasty! – diet can help minimise the damage caused by exercise and help your body rebuild itself even stronger.

Making your own food is a great way of ensuring that you get everything your body needs with no hidden surprises. Creating delicious, interesting and diverse meals from fresh, high-quality ingredients doesn’t need to be time-consuming, complicated or require special skills or equipment. Cooking can also be a great way of relieving stress!

With over twenty years’ experience in restaurant catering prior to joining the fitness sector, Healthy Ambitions is unique amongst Edinburgh fitness service providers in being able to help you with all aspects of a healthy, varied and tasty diet. With us you can learn tricks of the trade, planning strategies and time-management techniques which take the hassle out of organising your weekly meals and treats and stops you from needing to resort to pre-packaged snacks and ready meals.

Nutrition Guidance and Healthy Cooking

Find out about your body – full assessment included
What types of food work for you and against you
Essential components of your personalised healthy diet – and how to incorporate them into your meal times easily
Flexible nutrition guidance to fit into your life without sabotaging your goals
Planning & shopping strategies for your day-to-day meals
Tricks of the trade
Time-saving techniques
Work around allergies and intolerances
Improving the nutrition of your favourite foods
Ensuring adequate nutrition for your training needs
How to deal with cravings
Hunger management