Stress Management

It’s really important for you to give yourself some time specifically set aside for relaxing, and at Healthy Ambitions we can help you achieve this. Either as an 8-week standalone Stress Management course, or as an addition to our other services, we can help you to understand the physiological causes of your stress and take steps towards managing them effectively. We use guided relaxation to give you breathing space and a chance to let your body and mind unwind.

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About stress

Stress is your friend! Believe it or not, we all need some degree of stress in our lives. We experience it as a necessary part of our day-to-day interactions with other people and situations – it helps us to achieve the tasks we set ourselves and aids us in reacting to the unexpected. Imagine someone heavily dosed on tranquilisers – they wouldn’t feel any stress, but they would have little or no enjoyment of life either!

We all need to accept stress as a fact in our daily lives – it’s how we perceive it, manage our reactions to it and if we need to, deal with the underlying causes that has the biggest effect on our health and well-being.

Our bodies react to a stressful situation by releasing chemicals that make us physically and mentally ready to deal with a potentially threatening scenario. Our bodies tense and our heart rate and breathing speed up ready for action.

When the stressful situation has ended, your body releases other chemicals to bring us back down to a relaxed base-level state. This is different for everybody – we all know people who are incredibly hyperactive or extremely laid back!

But what if you feel you are continually in stressful situations? Your body never gets the chance to returns to the base level relaxed state and this can be detrimental to the rest of your life – affecting your sleep, mood and eventually immune system, making you more susceptible to mental and physical illnesses.