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Injury Rehab and Prevention

Sometimes despite our best efforts, we can get injured during training or everyday life. At Healthy Ambitions we can assess and treat both acute and chronic musculo-skeletal conditions, referring you on to specialists where appropriate.

We work with you to prevent injuries occurring (or reoccurring). Training hard is fantastic, but persistent pain/tightness can be a symptom of muscular imbalance and can lead to injuries that may force you to stop the activities you love.

Scheduling an injury prevention “MOT” can help you to identify a niggle before it becomes an injury or chronic problem – especially if you’re training for an event. We can help you get fitter faster, recover more quickly and improve your performance through a combination of therapeutic massage, exercise therapy including Pilates, and a home program for you to keep yourself in top condition.

Injury Rehab & Prevention Service

Full postural & mechanical assessment
Progressive/graduated rehab plan to aid full return to activity/sport
Nutrition assessment
Therapeutic massage, acupuncture, soft tissue therapy etc. as required
Targeted stretching/strength programme
Maintenance plan to prevent reoccurrence