INSANITY: the latest fitness craze sweeping the UK!

You may have heard seen, or bought the best-selling fitness DVD of the same name… now you can share the insanity with your friends! High intensity cardio, strength and agility workout – for ALL fitness levels! With group instruction you get the benefits of a fitness professional to coach and motivate you to get the best workout possible PLUS the fun of training with your friends in a group of like-minded people.

Research indicates that working out with others can boost your performance by at least 20% – healthy competition is good for you!

Healthy Ambitions’ INSANITY classes are currently taking place at Shapes Fitness Studios just off Leith Walk (our own studio is a bit too dinky for such a full-on class!) at 9:30am on Fridays and Mondays, but keep your eyes peeled for more conveniently-timed evening classes coming soon.